We are a part of the INOX Group, a USD 3 billion conglomerate that employs more than 12,000 people in India and across 80 other countries. Built on a strong legacy of 80 years, the Group enjoys a leadership position in India across a spectrum of industries with 3 publicly listed companies: Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited, INOX Wind Limited and INOX Leisure Limited.

Each INOX Group company is characterized by three distinct characteristics: early identification of a winning business idea, building scale rapidly and achieving market leadership in that segment.

As a part of the INOX Group, INOX FMCG has the right lineage; and yet we are a young and dynamic start-up, ready to take on the challenges and opportunities in the FMCG market.


Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited
  • A multinational chemicals manufacturing corporation and India's foremost chemicals company
  • Largest producer of Chloromethane, Refrigerants and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) in India
  • Manufacturing facilities include India's largest refrigerant plant at Ranjitnagar (Gujarat) and amongst the world's most integrated and technologically advanced PTFE facility at Dahej (Gujarat)
INOX Wind Limited
  • India's leading and fastest growing wind energy solutions provider
  • Fully integrated player in the wind energy market offering complete turnkey solutions to leading Independent Power Producers, Corporates, PSUs, and Retail clients
  • Three state of the art manufacturing facilities in Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat and one of Asia's largest fully integrated manufacturing facilities in Madhya Pradesh
Inox Leisure Limited
  • The Second largest multiplex chain in India
  • Is engaged in setting up operating and managing India's premium brand of multiplex cinema theatres – INOX
  • Currently operates 107 multiplexes with 420 screens in 57 cities making it a truly pan-India multiplex chain
INOX Air Products Limited
  • The largest manufacturer of industrial gases in India with over 40 plants across the country
  • 50:50 joint venture with Air Products Inc., USA, a Fortune 500 company
INOX India Limited
  • Largest producer of cryogenic liquid storage and transport tanks in India
  • Offers comprehensive solutions in cryogenic storage, vaporization and distribution engineering
  • Has operations in India, USA, Canada, The Netherlands and Brazil
INOX Renewables Limited
  • One of India's leading Independent Renewable Power Producers
  • Engaged in the business of setting up and operating of wind farms
  • Existing operating capacity of ~ 260 MW in states of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh


The INOX Group is a B2B powerhouse with a market leadership position across a variety of industries. INOX Leisure has been the INOX Group's first and highly successful foray into a consumer facing business. INOX Leisure is India's second largest and fastest growing multiplex chain, with a strong brand equity and footfalls of over 60 million consumers per annum across 50+ cities. To further expand our presence in the B2C space, the INOX Group launched INOX FMCG Private Limited in January 2016. Our aim is to grow INOX FMCG Pvt. Ltd into a significantly sized FMCG business encompassing F&B and non-F&B categories in the next 3 years. INOX FMCG products are retailed through Modern Trade, General Trade and HORECCA Institutions.



First of the block, is MUCHOS™, a new sub-brand under which a range of packaged snacks will be launched in a phase-wise manner across the country over the next few months.


Is derived from the personality of brand INOX, which is seen as international, premium, competent, modern and glamorous; INOX MUCHOS™ leverages the key attributes of mother brand INOX.


Bringing you blockbuster flavours from around the world is the global gringo, MUCHOS™. Perceived widely as youthful, the MUCHOS™ brand looks premium and international and connotes fun and excitement. The name MUCHOS™ has an immediate, spontaneous and strong connect with the snacking category.

Now ask for much more than the usual you are used to. Open up your world to new tastes and possibilities and dive into a new story every time you open a pack. Because every flavour has a story.


We provide relevant differentiation vis-à-vis existing brands to create or expand nascent sub-categories. Overall, we have built our communication to leverage the widely recognised attributes of INOX Leisure.

With 'Movie in a pack!', now each pack has a story to tell. It's a unique route which none among the competition can take. The INOX name is integral with entertainment and INOX MUCHOS™ will help reinforce the same. Each flavour has a story, allowing us to leverage it as a new topic of conversation. This helps us build a 'voice' for INOX MUCHOS™ that's unlike any other product in the market. We have merged the two worlds of 'movies' and 'snacking' to create a wider flavour-driven narrative that is uniquely ours.

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